Women's Flat Leather Sandal | K.JACQUES (2024)

Flat sandals: the art of elegant footwear.

K.Jacques women’s flat sandals have a leather sole and hevea natural rubber heel. They are a women’s wardrobe essential for chic, timeless looks. Pure, modern lines for flat sandals that will stand the test of time. K.Jacques’ identity and distinctiveness is demonstrated in the sleek lines of their shoes and the high quality of the leather used.

Every year as the sunny days return, our flat leather sandals take center stage, ready to play in the sand and slip into your vacation luggage.

Key footwear for the summer season, women’s flat sandals enhance any look, both relaxed and more dressy. Discover our flat sandals available in an array of styles: casual, ethnic, gladiator, printed, studded and more.

Step into the world of K.Jacques, tradition and modernity.

Ancestral expertise blending style and comfort

K. Jacques, is savoir-faire made in Saint-Tropez. Flat sandals with an avant-garde, daring style that retains the elegance of traditional expertise. Each of our creations is crafted by the skilled hands of our artisan shoemakers, but also those of the generations who have gone before. The flat sandal is our flagship style, showcasing our glorious heritage and our values of authenticity and quality.

Our mission: to develop our profession and craftsmanship while remaining faithful to our values. Our expertise is put into each pair of flat sandals, it takes more than an hour to craft each pair. From stitching to assembling, skill and expertise have been a part of our production process in our Saint-Tropez workshop, since 1933.

Flat leather sandals: how to style them?

Wear them whenever you want to, flat sandals are great with any look! They go with any outfit from dresses and jeans to shorts and shirts. In the daytime, in the evening and even at a wedding, flat sandals are a must-have for chic looks.

Women’s flat sandals: dare to wear color and show off your personality.

Our flat sandals are available in a wide range of colors and prints, to subtly enhance your feet: gold, black, silver, camel, brown, white or red. Our colorful, feminine flat sandals are strong and durable and will add an original touch to minimalist looks.

White flat sandals will enhance your tan. Immaculate, white flat sandals brighten and revive a classic look bringing it right up to date.

On the other hand, camel and brown flat sandals are timeless. As a hint of color or part of an overall theme, camel and brown sandals work perfectly with any outfit. They match your skin tone well and are great with blue jeans or denim shorts.

Last but not least...dare to wear red and patterns! Red adds a decorative touch for a festive summer look. With pretty straps that wrap around the ankle and worn with casual boyfriend jeans, red flat sandals will enhance any look.

Women’s gold and silver flat sandals

Women’s gold or silver flat sandals? The metallic trend showcases your foot with class and femininity. Gold looks great with all skin tones adding a chic, warm touch to your look. Silver flat sandals offer colder tones with aluminum nuances to shine with subtle elegance.

Flat sandals take center stage for your wedding

Shoes for the day that shapes your everyday...Find the perfect fit for your wedding day with chic, meticulously crafted K.Jacques sandals. Both comfortable and elegant, flat sandals are amazing with a wedding dress. As for the color, you could go with a timeless gold or opt for silver to make your feet shine!

Want to design the sandal of your dreams for your wedding day? Get exactly what you want with the K.Jacques customization service! Let your imagination run free: there’s a wide choice of materials, colors and straps so your sandals work perfectly with your wedding dress, and are just what you want.

Flat leather sandals with meticulous finishing touches

We use natural, high-quality leather to make all our flat sandals. An alchemy of natural beauty, leather and French craft are at the heart of what we do. Ancestral savoir-faire, mastered over three generations, for unique durable, elegant flat sandals.

Thick natural leather, burnished in the sun, sewn with linen for total comfort...

  • Supple leather: Respecting both your skin and the environment, our flat leather sandals adapt to fit your feet, hugging their natural shape. Leather offers complete freedom of movement for everyday comfort.
  • Soft and strong: Our flat sandals have a velvety surface on the sole which helps to absorb shocks when walking. Leather is a living material, it will slowly take on a patina and adapt to fit your foot.
  • Breathable: The natural fibers in leather allow your foot to breathe. A material of choice for our flat sandals, which are designed to be worn against your skin, it has thermoregulating properties so your feet feel fresh and dry all summer long.
Women's Flat Leather Sandal | K.JACQUES (2024)
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