'This Is Gonna Bring Us Closer': Reginae Carter and Mom Toya Johnson-Rushing Dish on Their Relationship with Her Dad Lil Wayne Following Reginae's Move to Los Angeles (2024)

Reginae Carter and her mother Toya Johnson-Rushing made their return to reality television on “Toya & Reginae.”

'This Is Gonna Bring Us Closer': Reginae Carter and Mom Toya Johnson-Rushing Dish on Their Relationship with Her Dad Lil Wayne Following Reginae's Move to Los Angeles (1)

The mother-daughter duo is more than familiar with the reality TV scene after appearing on 2009’s “Tiny and Toya,” which explored Toya’s personal life and Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ as well. They’ve also been on family series such as “Toya: A Family Affair” and “T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle.”

This time, the dynamic duo is re-introducing the world to the entire family, including Toya’s husband, Robert “Red” Rushing, and the couple’s daughter, Reign, Toya’s siblings and Toya’s mother.

The mother-daughter duo tells Atlanta Black Star they have always had a “close” relationship since Toya gave birth to Reginae at an “extremely young age.”

“Although she was 15, a young mother, she was always my mother and not my friend,” the young socialite shared about her mom.

Toya says she’s always there to support her firstborn’s plans for her future, such as her recent decision to move from Atlanta to Los Angeles to take her acting career to new heights.

“I’m glad that I can be near my father now,” says the only daughter of multi-platinum rapper Lil Wayne.

“I’ve never lived in the same city with my father. So I feel like this is gonna bring us closer, and also my brother is there.”

The father of four also had three sons: Dwayne Carter III, whom he shares with his ex, Ohio native Sarah Vivian, Kameron Carter with Hollywood actress Lauren London and Neal Carter with Atlanta singer Nivea.

When asked to elaborate on her close bond with her father, Reginae said, “I feel like my dad is my best friend. We talk a lot. We’ve always been close. We always text; like that’s my texting buddy. If anything, we gon’ be texting. He gives me great advice, and I’m his biggest fan.”

Toya was Wayne’s high-school sweetheart, whom he married in 2004. Two years later, she filed for divorce, due to his living the rapper lifestyle she wasn’t too fond of back then. But she says over the years they’ve grown to have a cordial, co-parenting relationship with each involved in their daughter’s life.

“We all have a really good relationship. Wayne and my husband have a good [relationship] … you know it’s like family,” Toya shared. “But I feel like Nae is grown now. She’s not our little baby.”

Lil Wayne, Toya, & Reginae pic.twitter.com/xp4gX84bck

— 247 Live Culture (@247LC) August 17, 2022

After playing lead in “Boxed In” and its sequel, the former OMG Girlz rapper hopes to accelerate her acting career, hence the move to Hollywood, known as the mecca of cinema.

Just before moving, Reginae went through a very public breakup with YouTuber and rising artist Ar’Mon Warren. The former couple began secretly dating in June 2022 after reportedly meeting on a blind date by a mutual friend. They were known for sharing cute couple content on their social media platforms as well as on YouTube.

Things appeared to be great between the two, and Warren even bought Reginae a promise ring for their six-month anniversary last December. Fast forward to April 2023: Fans began to spot her without the ring in photos online, sparking rumors of a potential breakup.

A month later, they exchanged a few jabs on X after Reginae shared a post about “love bombing,” which is described as the act of manipulation disguised by over-the-top gifting and extreme displays of affection.

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Following nearly a year together and months of trading “I Love You’s, Reginae and Armon are “no longer together,”according to Reginae.

Post-breakup, the I FIT In founder sought therapy to cope with the loss of her former partner, and other matters. She advises others to “trust the process and take your time with everything,” as she remains hopeful for her next suitor.

The demise of their relationship appears to play out on “Toya & Reginae,” which airs Thursday nights on WE TV and ALL BlK. The eight-episode reality series also documents their relationships with their friends as well as many heated moments with their family.


'This Is Gonna Bring Us Closer': Reginae Carter and Mom Toya Johnson-Rushing Dish on Their Relationship with Her Dad Lil Wayne Following Reginae's Move to Los Angeles (2024)
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