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1. Access patient portal - Optum

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  • Manage your health information safely and securely with our patient portal. Access medical records, results, and speak with your care team anytime.

2. Patient Online Services - Southwest Medical

  • Send messages to your primary care doctor, get test results and more using FollowMyHealth. Or chat with a provider 24/7 with a NowClinic video visit.

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3. Login Portal - Follow My Health

  • The FollowMyHealth Patient Portal is a completely free, secure, and HIPAA compliant way to review medications, communicate with your GP, or track treatment ...

  • A patient engagement solution, FollowMyHealth, combines a personal health record with an innovative patient portal that gives patients easy access to their record and the connectivity associated with a health information exchange (HIE). Patient-friendly navigation facilitates engagement with providers and enables patients to play a greater role in safely managing their health care.

4. Patient portal | Northwell Health

5. ProHealth MyChart Patient Portal

  • ProHealth MyChart patient portal. Take your health record with you, wherever you go. We believe MyChart will greatly improve your health care experience.

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6. My Health Online - Southwest Medical

  • 14 dec 2020 · My Health Online lets Southwest Medical patients make appointments, renew prescriptions, check urgent care wait times, email providers and ...

  • As of Monday, December 14, 2020, we are launching a brand-new patient portal, powered by FollowMyHealth.

7. Jack Towsley on LinkedIn: #optum | 25 comments

  • 2 apr 2020 · ... optum.followmyhealth.com to create a patient portal account. Once you've done that, contact our Patient Welcome Center at 505-232-1000, so ...

  • I am so proud of the amazing work Optum is accomplishing in New Mexico! Our 150 clinicians are doing our part on the front lines of fighting COVID-19. We… | 25 comments on LinkedIn

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8. Patient Info - Hartford Neurology

  • We encourage you to contact your doctor via our Follow My Health Patient Portal. ... Follow My Health White Right ... Optum Care; Oxford Health; United Healthcare ...

  • Hartford,CT,Connecticut,Hartford CT,Bloomfield,Glastonbury,Hartford Hospital,neurology,neurological,neurologists,consultants,neurologic consultation,neurological referrals,EMG,NCS,EMG/NCS,nerve conduction studies,neurological educational,neurological disorders,referrals,electromyography,diagnose,disorders,nerves,muscles,brain,stroke

9. Patient information - Northern Westchester Hospital

  • Optum Behavioral Health (fka United Behavioral Health) - Commercial, Medicare ... The FollowMyHealth patient portal is used with your Northwell account to ...

  • Get important patient information on medical records, billing, support services and more for hospitalization at Northwell Health.

10. Tim Godfrey, FACMPE, FACHE's Post - LinkedIn

  • 8 dec 2022 · ... optum.followmyhealth.com to create a patient portal account. Once you've done that, contact our Patient Welcome Center at 505-232-1000, so ...

  • I am excited to announce I have achieved Fellow status in the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE). The ACMPE is the certification entity of… | 53 comments on LinkedIn

11. Optum Health Physical Health

  • This Web site is intended for use by participating OptumHealth Physical Health providers. OptumHealth Physical Health is comprised of: OptumHealth Care ...

12. FollowMyHealth - Salesforce

  • Taking care of your health works best when you are in an open, connected community with your doctor. FollowMyHealth makes it easy to do just that.

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13. Prayers & Donations! Help me beat Cancer! - GoFundMe

  • 24 nov 2023 · Donate quickly and easily. Powerful. Send help right to the people and causes you care about. Trusted. Your donation is ...

  • This fundraiser has been created for the Hiten Family to help them stay… Danette Barela-Hiten needs your support for Prayers & Donations! Help me beat Cancer!

14. [PDF] FollowMyHealth Frequently Asked Questions - NIH Clinical Center

  • medical records from the NIH Clinical Center. Is my account set up properly? FollowMyHealth® Patient Portal requires an invitation from your health care ...

15. FollowMyHealth - Revere Health

  • Manage your prescriptions, view your medical records and securely message your medical provider all in one place.

Optumcare Followmyhealth.com (2024)


How do I check my results on FollowMyHealth? ›

  1. FollowMyHealth Features Guide: Viewing Your Lab Results.
  2. Click on the “My Health” tab at the top of the page. Click on the “Results” tab to view all your lab results. ...
  3. This window will open where it shows the details of your lab result. ...
  4. Note: This information button displays education on the lab test.

How do I connect to my provider on FollowMyHealth? ›

Connecting Your Account on FollowMyHealth™
  1. Step 1: Log into your account.
  2. Step 2: Tap the Menu option and select "My Connections".
  3. Step 3: Click on "Healthcare Organizations".
  4. Step 4: Tap the add organization icon at the bottom.
  5. Step 5: Search for your healthcare organization.
Feb 23, 2024

How do I set up a FollowMyHealth account? ›

FollowMyHealth makes it easy to do just that. Log in via your desktop or download our mobile app in the App Store or Google Play Store. You can also create an account when your doctor texts you a link to your care summary.

Is Optum the same as OptumCare? ›

OptumCare, a part of the Optum subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group (UHG), provides data driven, integrated direct-to-patient care including physicians, home health, urgent care and surgical care totaling over $15 billion of revenue in 2016.

Does FollowMyHealth have a website? ›

Through your internet browser go to the NIH Clinical Center's FollowMyHealth® Patient Portal page https://www.cc.nih.gov/followmyhealth/ and click on “Sign In”. Once there, you will need to create a new account by clicking on the “I Need to Sign Up” box.

How do I recover my FollowMyHealth username? ›

From the sign-in page, click on "Forgot your username." You will be prompted to enter your email address, phone number, name, and date of birth. Complete the reCaptcha challenge to verify you are not a robot, then click Continue.

How do I connect to my health record? ›

How to link My Health Record to myGov
  1. Sign in to myGov.
  2. Select View and link services.
  3. Select Link on the My Health Record tile. If you already have Medicare linked to your myGov account, we'll use your Medicare details to link My Health Record. ...
  4. Select Use my Medicare record, then select Continue.
Jan 19, 2024

Why can't I message on the FollowMyHealth app? ›

NOTE: While FollowMyHealth™ allows patients to message their providers, some providers may not have this feature activated. If the icon to compose a message is grayed out, you will be unable to message your provider(s) and will need to reach out to them by calling their office.

How do I connect my Health app to MyChart? ›

1) Log in to your MyChart account through the MyChart app on the iPhone or iPod Touch, and click on the “Track My Health” icon. 2) After the apps/devices are linked, your MyChart will automatically sync the information according to data types selected to be tracked in the Health app.

What companies use FollowMyHealth? ›

Who uses Allscripts FollowMyHealth?
Columbia Universitycolumbia.eduUnited States
Community Health Systems Incchs.netUnited States
Ascension Health, Inc.ascensionhealth.orgUnited States
Leidos Inc.leidos.comUnited States
1 more row

Who owns FollowMyHealth app? ›

FollowMyHealth® is a trademark of Allscripts Software, LLC and/or its affiliates. All trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress, product names, and logos are property of their respective owners. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

Who is the parent company of Optumcare? ›

Optum was formed as a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group in 2011 by merging UnitedHealth Group's existing pharmacy and care delivery services into the single Optum brand, comprising three main businesses: OptumHealth, OptumInsight and OptumRx. In 2017, Optum accounted for 44 percent of UnitedHealth Group's profits.

What is the Optum controversy? ›

The revelation involves grave concerns cited by a whistleblower about an alleged local Optum Tri-State strategy to manipulate patient diagnoses and secure more revenue by bilking the federal government through value-based incentive compensation via the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or CMS.

Is Optum separate from UnitedHealthcare? ›

UnitedHealth Group brings together the health care coverage and benefits of UnitedHealthcare and the health services and care delivery of Optum. UnitedHealth Group was the top-ranked company in the Health Care: Insurance and Managed Care sector on Fortune's 2023 “World's Most Admired Companies.” Feb. 1, 2023.

FollowMyHealth | Consumer Engagement ...FollowMyHealth® Sign Inhttps://about.followmyhealth.com ›

When your doctor uses FollowMyHealth, you have access to secure messaging, appointment scheduling, telehealth (at participating providers), and so much more, ma...

FollowMyHealth® Sign In

FollowMyHealth® Sign In
FollowMyHealth® Sign In
Apple · Cerner · Facebook · Google · Microsoft.

FollowMyHealth Sign In

FollowMyHealth® Sign In
FollowMyHealth® Sign In

How do I wait for my medical test results? ›

Keep busy – or keep still. For some people who are anxious while waiting for news, distraction and packing their time with activities is the best way to cope. For others, quieting the mind and pursuing contemplative activities, like prayer, yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises, is better.

How do I get my Northwell Health lab results? ›

Please note that lab results can only be released to the patient or an authorized representative, Results are also available to some Northwell Health Physician Partners (NHPP) patients through FollowMyHealth, Northwell's patient portal. Call (844) 364-8108 for questions and technical support.

How do I connect to Northwell FollowMyHealth? ›

While in the Northwell Health app, tap the "Me" icon in the bottom navigation menu to enter your profile. Once in your profile, you will see a button to connect to FollowMyHealth. Or you can connect to FollowMyHealth here.

What portal does Northwell use? ›

The FollowMyHealth® (FMH) patient portal makes it convenient to manage your personal health information anywhere, anytime. Use this guide to navigate the website or mobile app version of FollowMyHealth. The Action Center highlights all recent updates to your medical record.

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