Katie Boyle Dancer Biography (2024)

1. Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle In Their Remarkable Performance

  • 21 jun 2021 · Born on August 20, 1977, in San Leandro, California, Jason Colacino got his start as a teenager who performs country line dancing and mastered ...

  • The video shows a pair dancing to the tune of “Honky Tonk Women” by Travis Tritt. They are Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle. Unfortunately, Jason died in 2009.

2. Dance Stories | Kate Boyle: Mind & Movement Pilates, and living her ...

  • 10 mei 2019 · Dance Stories | Kate Boyle: Mind & Movement Pilates, and living her best Mum Life. ... The Morning Ritual of a Male Ballet Dancer | Joel Burke.

  • With Mother’s Day just around the corner we thought it was the perfect time to shine a little spotlight of appreciation on the incredible multi-tasking, multi-talented, movement-loving mums out there who do extraordinary things all day every day. Without the Dance Mums who introduced us to dance, fe

3. ANN: Katie Boyle back in the SF/Bay Area starting August 31st

4. Legendary honky-tonk dance couple stuns in slinky salsa performance

  • Colacino was best known for his dynamic West Coast Swing competition performances with longtime partner, Katie Boyle. This immensely talented and truly unique ...

  • Their chemistry is incredible!

5. Celtic Connections Festival 2012 - Young Trad 2012: Katie Boyle - BBC

  • Biography. Katie graduated with a First Class Masters in Irish Traditional Music Performance from the Irish Academy of Music and Dance in 2008 where she tutored ...

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  • BBC artist page for Young Traditional Musician of the Year finalist Katie Boyle. Includes a biography and video footage of event performance will follow.

6. Dance duo delivers steamy routine that will go down in ballroom history

  • 17 mrt 2020 · The dancers in this viral dance video are none other than Jason Colacino and his longtime partner Katie Boyle. ... Jason Colacino was born on ...

  • Not only are they talented, but they make it look easy.

7. Information | Jason Colacino

  • 19 aug 2009 · Message from Katie Boyle With the shock and ... He was born ... He went on to master Swing, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Jazz, Ballet and Ballroom ...

  • Message from Katie Boyle With the shock and unexpected passing of Jason, we have all asked ourselves how could this have happend to someone so young and vibrant.  On behalf of Jason’s family …

8. Swing Dancers Try Honky-Tonk And Leave The Crowd Roaring

  • Jason Calacino and Katie Boyle were long-time swing dancing partners who took the world by storm. Although Jason was most known for his West Coast-style of ...

  • It was obvious they impressed the audience, but would the judges agree?

Katie Boyle Dancer Biography (2024)
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